Ethos & Ethics

Ethos & Ethics

Innersense Wellbeing is proud to be affiliated with Just One Tree 

A non-profit initiative removing Co2 from the atmosphere and reversing biodiversity loss through global reforestation. They plant trees in areas affected by mass deforestation across four continents both on land and in the oceans. Furthermore, they bring environmental education to the classrooms to help teach and guide the next generations the importance of protecting our natural world. 

Getting Social 

You will not find my presence anywhere other than this site; this is not that I judge anyone or any business in any way for their approach, it is what suits them and I understand it has its place in the world we live in today, for me it is a conscious choice I have taken.

In approximately 2018 I made a choice to do a little experiment, to step away from social media, the reason was simple, to live in the present moment! I was away with family in a beautiful yurt in the UK (Secret Cloud check them out they are amazing!) when away, I always decide to go off grid and whilst doing this I had my eureka moment! That I was more enriched, more in my present life, more engaged, more connected with my life, as opposed to the constant “connection” almost addictive craving that social media can create taking photos, uploading, commenting, waiting for likes and comments to then commenting back for more likes and comments and so the cycle continues rather than living my life for me.

I believe in what I do, what I create, I adore Yoga for all its benefits, mindfulness inner strength and the calm it provides within, I love walking my gorgeous cockerpoos Bea and Betty with my family bathing in the canopy of trees and in wide open spaces that nature provides. I love spending time with my amazing friends, going for meals having drinks. I love being in service providing nurturing therapies and mindfully meditating whilst making candles.

I realised how social media for me can encroach on that valuable private time rather than scrolling I want to just live!

So, for that reason, you won’t see me other than right here… Which is just where I want to be. I will write occasional musings, but it won’t be often as I will be doing all the above. Living right here right now!

“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there” 


Reduce Reuse Recycle Repeat

How to be kinder to the Planet and Recycle your packaging 

Are you a conscious consumer? If so, you are in the right place. 

As a small business I am trying to do my little bit for the planet, I have tried my best wherever possible to work with products that are naturally sourced, palm oil free, that the products are not tested on animals and have ingredients that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and also to use as minimal plastic packaging as possible, this goes right down to the “simple packaging” it comes in – I have been in the beauty industry for many years and I as have many others been lured in as a consumer by lots lotions potions creams for this for that and the other all in fancy packaging and boxes to make it feel like we are getting something even more extra special… all to leave us craving more or feeling we are not enough because something else comes onto the scene as the next “big” thing!! The market is chock full. So I wanted to step away from that model and provide a product that simply comes in a paper bag with natural packaging for protection, no gimmicks, nothing flash, nothing fancy. 

Why not think outside the box... or Tin!

My candles come in a tin, which when you have loved lit enjoyed and finished can be cleaned and re-used. Recycling is brilliant and is helping the planet enormously, but what if you could re-use? Go the step further and give your tin the new lease of life it deserves!


Here are some ideas from the Innersense Wellbeing HQ and also how I use them around the home… 

As a desk tidy for pens, pencils, paperclips
A plant pot holder
A matchstick holder
Holding incense sticks
A toothbrush holder
A jewellery pot
A gift box
For bits and bobs spare buttons etc
In sheds toolboxes and in garages for drill bits, screws, fuses etc 

The sky is the limit, the lists are endless, let your imagination run wild… for the sake of the animals who also inhabit this planet, for the children whose home it will be next and for the planet our home, our Mother Earth. Its got to be worth giving it a go… 

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