“I feel committed to introducing beautiful, luxurious Organic products and therapies wherever possible, considering and caring for you, assessing lifestyle and health and treating you as a whole person. Each product is uniquely developed and bespoke to you”

Holistic Therapies

Innersense Wellbeing has been offering a wide variety of natural slow beauty and holistic therapies for three decades. 

Offering a soft nurturing space for women to connect with themselves in a safe environment. 

“By taking elements of the Earths most natural sources and using them in synergy with your unique self, my aim is to help you take steps towards a balanced life in mind, body and spirit” 

“Soften, soften into the world around you, Allow the Earth to heal, revive, rejuvenate, reawaken Remember how wildness always holds you close, strong, consistent, slow and steady Rocks you in scents and sights and rhythms Is always there to ground us, Is always soothing and knowing and simple and ready”

Victoria Erikson


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