“The state of feeling
healthy and happy” 

Innersense Wellbeing 

 Located in a small village just outside of Manchester, Innersense Wellbeing’s focus is to provide an experience like no other, my small unassuming salon gives a sanctuary to connect with yourself, to nourish and replenish your soul. With the use of only the highest quality natural oils and products, the power of nature, natural energies and with many years of deep guided intuition, my service whilst in this space is to facilitate your body on a journey to your Wellbeing. 

Beauty is merely the Spiritual making itself known to the senses 

G.W.F. Hegel 

“Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me”

My sustainability mission is a simple one, to provide you with products that do not compromise our home for future generations. 

In partnership with Just One Tree 

Every purchase from my range in store helps to plant a tree back into the Earth, in partnership with Just One Tree my range offers to play its small part in global reforestation, supporting the habitat of animal species, to assist in providing financial support to local communities in the planting and caring for trees, to reduce flood risk and landslides and to importantly make a positive effect on climate change globally. 

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