First Love Yourself

Contains: Oils of Patchouli Vanilla & Egyptian Geranium 

Asana: Reclined Cobblers Pose/Supta Baddha Konasana 

Affirmation: “I Am”


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Dimensions 77 × 62 mm

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 If you don’t think yourself worthy or treat yourself with kindness and love, then what is the point? 

Strangely we do these things for strangers for friends and family…for everyone else, putting people first, talking kindly, giving compliments, boosting another’s confidence, yet why do we not always do these things for ourselves? 

It is not selfish or vain but a basic human need, it is to hold yourself with a high positive regard, to be as nice to yourself as you are to others… 

So, listen to your inner gentle voice… 

Stop negative chatter dead in its tracks and turn it to a positive “I AM…” 

Talk to yourself as you would a best friend, what and how would you say things to them if they were pulling themselves apart? 

Accept yourself as you are in this moment… 

Eat nourishing foods and indulge in a treat… 

Look after your body, respect the vessel which houses your most precious soul, your deepest self… 

This candle is designed to instil the mood for love with its sensuous musky scent, it is designed to be as much a candle for yourself as it is for others, with warming, comforting vanilla, calming sensual patchouli and heart opening Egyptian geranium, this relaxing blend encourages self esteem, confidence and love.

Calming – Comforting – Sensual