Gratitude (Full Moon)

Contains: Vetiver, Oud & Tonka 

Asana: Yang Yoga 

Affirmation: “I live life with a grateful heart” 




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Its all about action and abundance, reaping what you have sown, what have you learned along the way from the New Moon, it is a time to be thankful,feel strong and courageous. It is a time to get out there, to launch the new book, to showcase the project, the idea, to feel a sense of gratitude for all that you have accomplished, gathered and gained along the way. Find a quiet space, light the candle, place your rainbow moonstone at the side of the candle bringing inner confidence, strengthening intuition and creativity, allow the heady fragrances of Vetiver Oud and Tonka fill the room, whilst meditating fill yourself with gratitude for your accomplishments no matter how big or small, connect with the cleansing, energising energies of the full moon, dance, draw, be creative…