Contains: Oils of Labdanum, Clove & Patchouli 

Scent Notes: Spicy, Warm, Musky, Earthy, Sweet, Leathery 

Asana: Childs Pose/Balasana 

Affirmation: “Even in the darkness the love and light is within me”


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Weight .26 kg
Dimensions 77 × 62 mm

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Blended to promote a sense of relaxation, calm and softness within, alleviates mental exhaustion, feelings of anxiety and depression, perfect for this time of year as the oils are expectorants, loosening chest congestion associated with coughs and colds. 

This wonderfully earthy candle is like treading into a dark wood when the ground is damp and there is mist in the air, just as this gorgeous season reflects. This candle celebrates the season of change as we begin the journey into ourselves…the candle lines with the Autumn Equinox a junction in our natural year and bodies cycle as we move into the darker phase it is time for rest, to gather harvest for all you have achieved, and it is also time to dream of new ventures ideas to sow those seeds of intention…

Reflection – Abundance – Nurture