Contains: Oils of White Sage and Lavender 

Asana: Easy Pose/Sukasana 

Affirmation: “I fill my space with Positivity, Love and Light” 



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Weight .26 kg
Dimensions 77 × 62 mm

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This candle is just an amazingly magical blend, think of the aroma in any shop in Glastonbury and it will eveke this fragrance. For many many years I have used sage and lavender within all corners of my home, from cleansing and neutralising the atmosphere of a new home and to regularly smudging through my home, cleansing my therapy space banishing unwanted negative ions replacing with positive ions, providing purity and clarity. Both white sage and lavender are wonderful traditional remedies for calming and soothing the mind, treating symptoms of headaches, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, it lifts the mood, harmonises the spirit and assists in alleviating depression. This candle replaces the use of the traditional sticks and is easy to transport around your home, add to a workspace or when working away from home or take on trip away to cleanse the hotel space.

Cleanse – Clarity – Calm